Four years ago, Dr. BR Ambedkar felt that he would no longer be alive. He also wrote a letter to his special assistant Bahurao Gaikwad about this.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar woke up late in the morning as usual. For 16 years his assistant Nanak Chand Rattu was waiting for him to rise. After he woke up, he asked for permission to go to office. After this, the doctor from Mumbai did his health checkup. Some angry on the wife too. A delegation came to meet at night. Then the doctor checked them up. Till then everything was fine but when he slept at night he did not wake up again.

On the last day, wife Savita Ambedkar and Dr Malavankar from Mumbai were present at home. In the afternoon, Savita and Dr. Malvankar went to the market to buy goods. Late to return home. Ambedkar was at home.

This is how Bhimrao Ambedkar's last day was spent

When Rattu returned from the office at six o’clock in the evening, Mrs. Ambedkar had not returned from the market. Ambedkar was angry. He felt that he was not being taken care of. Rattu felt his displeasure. Dr. Ambedkar gave some work to type Rattu. As soon as Rattu was about to return, then Mrs. Ambedkar returned.

Ambedkar could not control anger

Ambedkar could not control anger. He said some hard things somewhere. When Mrs. Ambedkar saw her husband out of control, she felt that saying anything to him would add fuel to the fire, so she remained calm. He asked Rattu to try to pacify Dr. Ambedkar. Rattu tried. He calmed down in a while.

Met the Jain religion delegation

At around eight o’clock that same night, a delegation of Jain opinion members met him as per the time. Ambedkar felt that he was not in a position to meet today, so the meeting should be postponed to the next day. Since those people had arrived, they felt that they should meet now.

20 minutes later he went to the bathroom. Then placed his hand on Rattu’s shoulder and returned to the drawing room. He moved on the sofa. Eyes were closed. There was peace for a few minutes. Jain leaders were looking at his face. Then Ambedkar nodded. Talked for a while. Asked questions about Buddhism and Jainism.

The next day, Ambedkar was to go to a Buddhist program.

The delegation presented a book on Buddha. In fact, he came to invite them to a function the next day. Dr. Ambedkar accepted the invitation. Assured that if health permits then he will definitely come. While he was talking to the Jain delegation, Dr. Malvankar checked him up. Then Malavankar left for Mumbai as per the pre-determined schedule.

This is how Bhimrao Ambedkar's last day was spent

Asked to keep some books near the bed at night

After the Jain delegation left, Rattu pressed his leg. Dr. Ambedkar asked to apply oil on the head. Now he was feeling something better. Suddenly Rattu’s voice started singing in his ears. Ambedkar was singing with closed eyes. His right hand fingers were banging on the couch. Slowly the song became clear and fast.

Started singing

Dr. Ambedkar was singing Buddhaam Sharanam Gachhami with full diligence. He asked for the record of this song to be played on the radiogram. Also asked Rattu to bring some books and introduction and role of The Buddha and the Dhamma. They put all this on the table next to their bed so that they can work on it at night.

Ate some rice at night and then wrote something

After some time the cook Sudama came to tell about the preparation of the food. Ambedkar said that he would eat only a little rice and nothing. He was still bubbling up the song. The cook came a second time. He got up and went to the dining room. He put his head on Rattu’s shoulder and went there.

While going, some books were also removed from the shelves. He was also asked to put them on the table. After dinner, he again came in the room. There, he continued singing Kabir’s song Kabir Tera Bhav Sagar Dera for a while. Then went to the bedroom. Now he looked at the books on the table, which he had asked Rattu to keep. Worked briefly on the role of the book The Buddha and His Dhamma. Then laid his hands on the book and went to sleep.

06.30 am on December 6

In the morning when Mrs. Ambedkar woke up as usual, she looked towards the bed. Found the husband’s leg on the cushion as usual. Within a few minutes, he realized that Dr. Ambedkar’s soul had flown away. He immediately sent his car to pick up Nanak Chand Rattu. When he came, Mrs. Ambedkar collapsed on the couch.

She was crying that Babasaheb left the world. Rattu tried to bring the heart into action by massaging it on the chest. Moved hands and feet. Put a spoonful of brandy in his mouth but everything failed. He probably passed away while sleeping at night.

Sad information spread rapidly

Now the voice of Mrs Ambedkar’s cry had intensified. Rattu was also crying with the body of the owner – O Baba Saheb, I have come, give me work. After some time, Rattu started giving sad information to the close ones. Then told the members of the Union Cabinet. The news spread like a forest fire. People immediately rushed towards 20, Alipore Road in New Delhi. Everyone in the crowd wanted to have the last glimpse of this great man. Immediately Mumbai news was sent. It was told that his body would be brought to Mumbai on the same night, where the last rites would be performed with Buddhist rituals.

Wife wanted funeral in Sarnath

However, there is also a dispute on this. Some people say that Mrs. Ambedkar did not give any information to Ambedkar’s son Yashwantrao about this. She wanted to take Sarnath and perform her last rites. Actually, four years ago, Dr. Ambedkar felt that he would not be alive anymore. In this regard, he also wrote a letter to his special assistant Bahurao Gaikwad that he should prepare for such an event in advance. Thousands of people attended his funeral at Chowpatty in Mumbai.

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