Supernatural was always going to face a tough fight with its season finale; After all, how do you wrap up a show lasting 15 years? And when the show is about two adorable demon-hunting brothers played by the supernaturally troubled Jensen Eckless and Jared Padalecki? forget it!

Still, as the CW’s long-running drama drew to a close, fans of the fans began to curb their disappointment – even comparing it to the closer ending of Game of Thrones’ massively for. As with any finale, some loved the episode and some hated it – but those who hated this ending actually hated it.

Let’s start clearly: Dean Winchester, who has survived dying and is literally going to hell, who took God, who killed Death and also shot Hitler, being applied to a nail. …? A lot of fans were ready to see the eldest Winchester boy die, or at least braided, but it was just outrageous. The scene was clearly designed to shake the eyeball’s tears — and yes, it was deeply emotional. But for some, they were tears of anger.

Dean tells Sam how much he cared for her for years despite being an older brother. “It was always you and me,” he said. “It’s always been you and me.”

“I haven’t left you,” he added later. “I am here with you, every day, every day, and you are fighting, because you are always fighting … I love you very much, my brother.” When he died, Dean placed his hand on Sam’s heart, as a tear trickled down his cheek. (Buh !!!)

In fairness, Dean at least experienced a very good paradise; Bobby, the father-figure (and fan favorite) of the Winchester boys, was there to greet him, and to tell him that heaven is a little different now. It is not just a house of memories, but a place where everyone can see their loved ones and be happy – thanks, in part, to Castiel.

Speaking of which: Cass’s absence from Finale was another disappointing disappointment for many.

Speaking of which: Cass’s absence from the finale was another heartbreaking disappointment for many.”

The week before, Supernatural finally confirmed the show’s most treasured ship, Destiel – allowing the angel to accept her love for him by pulling him from hell in season 4. But the sentiment was never changed, and in a regrettable move that was played directly into the “Bury Your Guess” textbook, the show killed Castiel immediately after. (They sacrificed themselves for Dean.) One would think that the CW might have learned its lesson after a rally by 100 fans against homophobic deaths similar to Lexa’s, but apparently not!

A saving grace of Dean’s demise may be Castiel returning again in a lifetime, perhaps even saying the words he was too afraid to say earlier. (Hey, a girl can dream!) And given that Finale claims that Cas has acted to break the barriers between heaven, hell, and all of them, one would think that they would be out for a lifetime. Could It’s good that Castiel helped bring about Heaven Dean, “worthy”. Still, it was disappointing that the two never got to see each other onscreen. But hey, at least “Baby” Impala got to go to heaven!

Meanwhile, Sam moves on to live a happy life without Dean. He actually walks without his brother, and finally we see after a time-jump that he married and had a baby boy – also named Dean, and who kept the Winchester monster-hunting tradition alive. Grew up for In other words, Sam wants the life he always wanted.

Finally, Sam dies in old age – a reunion with Dean in New Haven, where they share a warm hug.

What can we say It is reassuring to know that these characters have endured, after all, they find true peace. Some fans will like it, and some will hate it. And some will always wonder what would have happened if COVID-19 had not disrupted the original closing plans. (By its sounds, things don’t vary; Andrew Dubs, as a co-listener, told EW, the epistemology “didn’t change … the story or the feelings, or anything else.”) You win something, you lose something. Give.

But before we ride into the sunset for another Kansas rendition, let’s all take a moment of silence to reflect on the actual takeaway from this silence: hilarious makeup and wig for Old Man Sam.

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