Small businesses need to be innovative about how to reach customers during the new COVID-19 spike.

Today is Saturday Small Business. It is one of the busiest days for mom-and-pop shops, and this year it comes during stay-at-home advice.

For some of these small businesses, they hope to recover some of the losses they suffered during this epidemic, and this comes at a time when COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

Many small businesses or events such as the Holiday Market are following safety protocols by providing guests with masks, following social away directions, and providing sanitizers.

With the capacity limit of how many people can be in, some small businesses are increasing their online services and using curbside pickup.

Why today is important for these businesses, more than $ 19 billion was spent on this day alone. According to a study by Ware2Go, 76% of Americans say they are likely to shop small due to an epidemic.

Experts say that the money you spend stays in your community.

“When you think of the dollars spent, 69 cents of every dollar for small businesses remains in the local community. So this is such a huge opportunity not only for small businesses, but also for our communities, ”said Professor Audrey Gusky of Duquesne University.

To show how tough this year is for them, 1 in 5 small businesses say they will shut down if economic conditions do not change.

So they are hoping that people in our community can support them today and the rest of the holiday season.

Video by : CBC News

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