Since 2019-2020, after the entry of corona virus, Everything was decided to held online in order to ensure the health safety of the people. After this, it has no doubt affected various occupations especially business, schools and colleges and many more. Everything went online including studies. Nowadays, various universities has proceeded to conduct the offline examination inspite of this covid-19 epidemic with full precautions and safety measures. But there are various questions arising in the minds of the students which are going to be discussed here. 

Universities should not think that students are enjoying at their homes. There are a lot of problems other than this issue for an individual. As the title of this blog is clearly stated, so Universities should again review their decisions regarding this. 

The various loopholes of conducting offline examinations are :

  • Universities has ensured the proper sanitization, social distancing, Proper testing and much more. But what about the students living far places. Will university take the responsibility of the whole travelling at its own risk??? Giving offline exams is not an issue but reaching the examination centers safely is a biggest issue.
  • Universities has also ensured the allotment of the single room for the single student, but this assurence is only mentioned for the university and not for their affiliated colleges and moreover the colleges has also not opened the hostels for the national students. Then University must make clear of this shit.
  • As the tittle suggest, If the classes are held online, then why exams are going to held offline. 

Why exams are held offline when studies are online Why exams are held offline when studies are online

  • Moreover, the respective colleges are not taking any responsibilities on their personal level and due to this reason we the students are failing to understand this decision of conducting offline examination.
  • This time University has also hiked their examination fee for around ₹500. Why?? but university charges. 

Whole world especially India is supporting and encouraging the work from home concept. We accept that it is not possible for all the causes but we have to make it vital until the there is a proper cure for this epidemic.

And moreover we have many benefits of online examination like : 

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Economical
  3. Quick turnaround time
  4. Very safe
  5. easy to use
  6. Auto-grading

Disadvantages of offline examination this year :

  • It is not possible for all the students to travel from far places to attend the offline examinations by carrying the risk of the pandemic.
  • Colleges are not taking the responsibilities of their hostel students at their personal level to ensure safety.
  • Students are not mentally prepared for offline examination as their internals as well as the preparatory exams were held in online mode. There were no indulgence of any offline mode as well as students are not addressed by the pattern of the conduct.
  • In short, there is a lot of confusion in students minds, so it is thereby advised to take back their decision to conduct the offline examination and should continue the online mode as it is being practiced by the students in this respective semester until the proper cure of corona virus.  

Why exams are held offline when studies are online


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