In Thursday’s memorandum to employees, ESPN announced the company’s layoff of 300, citing the “significant impact” of the novel coronavirus epidemic on the company’s bottom line.

USA Today reported that Sports News Network President Jimmy Pitaro also wrote in the memo that 200 additional positions would not be filled.

As reported by The Washington Post, Pittaro cited the role of television viewing habits that negatively impacted both ESPN and its parent company, The Walt Disney Company.

In April, the network asked its highest-paid executives and talent to cut pay to avoid fictitious and layoffs at the time, but those measures have proved ineffective in thwarting cuts that are now ESPN’s Bristol, Will focus too much on production staff in Connecticut. , Headquarters, Post reported.

ESPN reported that ESPN employs about 6,500 people globally, of which about 4,000 are at its headquarters.

“Before the pandemic, we were deeply engaged in explaining how ESPN could be improved for future success amid the huge disruption by fans consuming the games,” Pietro in a memo to staff wrote. “The impact of the epidemic on our business clearly intensified those further discussions.”

College football writer Evan Massell, who has been with ESPN for 18 years, was among the staffers who confirmed it via Twitter.

I came to work at ESPN on November 5, 2002, 18 years ago. as the first college football writer. The day my employment turned adult, ESPN informed me that after the expiry of my contract on 31 January, I would no longer work here. 1 /

– Ivan Massel (@ Ivan_Massel) November 5, 2020
“I like writing, and I love college football a lot, and I don’t expect any of them to subside any time soon. After January 31, we will see what happens, ”said Massel, citing his contract as saying that ESPN has opted not to renew.

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