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This Article is all about creating awareness about these fraud companies that say they provide you with data entry work and many captcha entery works. This article clearly means that this is a fraud racket of people trying to suppress the corona epidemic. Relax confident that you do nothing wrong.

How you will be trapped?

  • First of all, you guys will get a call from your HR or lady who will tell you about the data entry job in which you can earn Rs. 5000-30000 in just one month and tell you about the job description like you will be given an application in which you just have to do the typing work in which you need only 2-3 hours in a day and you will be very easy Try to explain the job to earn money.
  • If you still have not shown any interest, they will call you several times and they will convince you to work for them.
  • After that, when you have agreed to work for them, then they will message you on WhatsApp and show you sample work and some PPTs on how to do this work.
  • They will then ask for any proof you can provide for your email ID, 2 -3 contract number, Adharcard / Voter ID / driving license.
  • Eventually they will send you an application that you need to download (mostly through Google Drive) and these applications will always be insecure and they will ask you to install it on your phone. The application name is usually agreement software.
  • When you install this type of application, this app usually asks for 5 permissions in your phone to run in your phone. By allowing all, you are allowing this application to access all your contact information, manage phone calls, device location, access photos, media and files on your device and send and view SMS messages in your phone.
  • After all this you will have to login to this app through your number, then you will have the option to click photos, which you need to send them, a contract that you can digitally sign.
  • Which you need to complete to do their work.
  • After completing all this (note: even you do not click on a photo or have a digital signature) they will call you again in which you will be asked by their employee to say yes and when you When receiving another call, I agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement through their customer service.

online fraud companies

After doing this then you will be ready to do your work:

  • While doing all this you will receive an email from them, in which it will be written like this:
  • f you meet your goal in the given timeline, payment will be made only for the correct captcha.
  • Your username and password have been sent to your email id.
  • Your project plan registration fee and validity are outlined in your agreement.
  • You can only login to 1 mobile in 1 time.
  • Completion of total captcha is mandatory.
  • If you fail to complete the work or fail to achieve accuracy then you will have to pay a fine of Rs 5000 / – to the company.
  • If the company gets 2 logins / 2 logouts simultaneously, 2 different IP addresses without any login then the company will send your ID.
  • Compared to will not be responsible for corruption of data in online modules. Will end without any notice.
  • If you have any doubt or doubt, you can contact our helpline number or you can mail us between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Helpline Number: 7285840715

And thus a contract document

This contract is bogus and any such agreement is also fake as it has many important points which prove the contract to be void or fake.

Proof regarding this fake agreement :

(A) There is no indication of advocate in all the above agreements.

(B) As a single stamp paper used for multiple agreements you can see the space marked in the first page in a red circle. Since it is scanned many times, the scan is also scanned,

(C) When an affidavit or agreement is made, the advocate affixes some red stamps and seals which are not available.

D) In ​​order for the contract to be legal, the information written in the contract, such as the contract, address and company name must be a contract, must be registered in law

But in the case of this company the address is invalid, the company does not exist or is not registered. And there is a lot of misinformation in this agreement that makes this agreement INVALID
And for all other companies such as EON Tech, I Tech and many more.
If the contract or agreement is invalid, then the terms and conditions written in it will also not need to be met.
In this case, if you failed to complete their work, then you are not liable to pay them anything because this contract is already illegal.
Which means if they ask you to pay the money you don’t need, then they should not have to pay even one rupee.

This is the Sample of the valid Contract in which it can be seen that AR number must be required for a contract to be legal. 

How you entertain their work

To do their job you will be given an application, on which you have to complete your work in the given work and this app name may vary with the company, but usually, it is M2C app
They will provide you the login ID and password after which you can start your work from 6 pm.

Their fraud performance

  1. Your app will usually crash or sometimes stop working and sometimes your work progress will decrease and you may not be able to see your work report or performance, as well as your accuracy , Work
  2. The type of work is designed in such a way that it will be very difficult to complete or fraudulently
  3. Whatever you do but you will never be able to achieve the accuracy rate of the work
  4. Even after all this, sometimes your work gets completed or can be reset automatically or you need to start it again.
  5. You may quit their work due to taking too much time or very difficult to do, and many other reasons that you failed to complete your work
  6. They can tell you that you log in from different devices, even you have not logged in from different phones or different IP addresses.
  7. If you encountered any difficulty in doing their work and would try to contact their customer service number, they would never pick up your phone or it would always be busy

What if you fail to fullfill their work?

  • After the work date or time is up (in most cases it will be 10 days) you will get a call from their fraud advocate who will try to intimidate you by saying that you failed to complete the work of the company or that you have misread it Or you violated the terms of the agreement resulting in loss to the company
  • For compensation, you have to pay 4000 to 1000 rupees to the company.
  • If you do not pay the amount, the Advocate will try to intimidate you by saying that you need to come to Maharashtra Court or a case will be registered against you or the police can come to your house for arrest and to intimidate you. Many other things can do. Get money from you
  • They will call you from different numbers and try to scare you and increase the amount
  • They will send multiple fake notices via email
  • They will message you that a case has been filed against you with this number BT ARBITR.
  • They will tell you that a notice will be sent to your home, but it will never be sent.
  • Their fake advocates will try to talk harshly with you and give you abusive as well as fake warnings
  • They will ask you to pay the amount in half an hour or if you do not pay, there will be a case against you
  • They are trying to scare you so that you can get money.

Now what You are supposed do?

  1. You just need to ignore their calls and messages as well as their emails.
  2. Like their advocate is fake and their agreement is fake
  3. Their notices are fake
  4. If their fake advocates will try to talk harshly with you and try to abuse you, as well as give you fake warnings then do not panic and ask them to do whatever they want to do.
  5. Their case against you is also fake
  6. So you don’t have to worry or worry because everything they tell is completely fake.
  7. You can go to the police and file a complaint against these fraudsters
  8. These people can only scare you so much but you should fight them.
  9. Relax, they won’t do anything They are playing with your emotions and will not try to scare you. I too have gone through this but I gave them the courage to do whatever they want.
  10. So stay calm nothing will happen. Note one thing that the call you are receiving from the person is claiming that he is advocating with his name and that the mail you have received is another advocate.
  11. So it clearly means that this is a fraud racket of people trying to suppress the corona epidemic. Relax confident that you do nothing wrong.

Be alert from online fraud companies. Everything you should know if you wish to work online | video

video by : Labour Law Advisor

Most of the fraud companies are from Gujjar and Maharashtra . You can add any new fraud company in the comments
Any questions will be welcome.

Several sections trended #BoycottErosNow on Navratri posts on Thursday which Eros Now shared late on their social media handles. However, a film still, starring Katrina Kaif in a yellow saree, has particularly angered Twitter.

Ever since Navratri 2020 began on Saturday, Eros Now has been posting short videos and photos from films produced by its company. Some photos are of Deepika Padukone from Bajirao Mastani of 2015. Kareena Kapoor Khan also appears in her Chammak Challo avatar from the 2011 film Ra.One. However, a film still, starring Katrina Kaif in a yellow saree, has particularly angered Twitter.

Film Stills by Sonakshi Sinha, Kangana Ranaut and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were also posted. Along with some of his posts, Eros Now intended to offer color and fashion advice to his followers on social media for Navratri.

To do this, Eros Now posted the film’s sets, starring actresses in various outfits and colors. For example, this.

“Red is passion. Red is passion. Red is love. Scarlet is Navratri, Day 4! Consider how beautiful #women are looking in it,” Eros Now said in the caption of his post.

However, the intent behind this post of Eros Now – with Katrina Kaif – is a bit unclear. The accompanying text reads, “Do you want to have ‘Ratri’ in my Navratri?” Uninteresting? You decide


Eros Now’s Navratri post angered many parts of the internet as #BoycottErosNow was trending on Twitter. Eros Now’s posts, according to some sections, “make fun of Hinduism and its spectacular festivals,” and as a result, the company found itself on the receiving end of social media.

The #BoycottErosNow trend started after BJP Haryana social media head Arun Yadav embarrassed the company in a post on Twitter. In his post, Arun Yadav posted two screenshots of Eros Now’s post – the first picture was of Katrina Kaif, in a yellow sari, one of her films. The second photo was of Eros Now fans on Eid and their fans on Twitter.

EROS now Came up with a reply

After the outrage, Eros Now released a statement saying, “We at Eros love and respect our cultures equally. It’s not, and it has never been, to hurt someone’s feelings.” We do not intend to. We have removed related posts and we apologize for this. Offending someone’s feelings. Thank you, Team Eros now. “

Bad news for coca-cola lovers

The Coca-Cola Company will retire select underperforming products by 31 December, including TaB Diet Soda and ZICO Coconut Water in the United States – part of a global portfolio of refreshing major-grade brands with the greatest potential for growth and scale In form of.

Other outgoing products include Odawala (announced in July), an American brand and regional offerings such as North Neck Ginger Ale and Delaware Punch. Vizitabeta (Japan) and Kuat (Brazil) are among the products leaving the Coca-Cola company’s international portfolio.


“We are challenging ourselves to think differently about our brand in order to accelerate our transformation into a total beverage company,” said Kath Koager, Global Coca-Cola Company’s Global Head of Innovation and Marketing Operations. “It is not about reducing the specific number of product offerings under our brands. The objective is to accelerate influence and development.

What is the reason?

The company is reviewing its range of soft drink products such as “Soft Coke Fisty Cherry,” a low-calorie drink “Coke Life” and regional drinks such as “Northern Neck Ginger Ali” and “Delaware Punch”. The case told the Journal.

A company spokesperson told the Journal that Zico was likely to be phased out by the end of the year. This decision was taken because the company focused on limiting its brands to what it could achieve on a larger scale.

Is it really worth to do?

Coca-Cola will Kill products including its TaB diet soda and ZICO coconut water

Coca-Cola has cut its global 500 fully or partially owned brands, more than half as part of a rearranging effort by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Zico was allegedly the second largest coconut water brand in the United States, acquired by soft drink giant in 2013

The Journal reported that coconut water sales fell 22% to $ 528 million in 2019 compared to 2015, with the brand lagging behind the Vita cocoa.

Coca-Cola is set to introduce its first alcoholic beverage after nearly four decades early next year.

According to CNBC, the “Hard Seltzer” drink will be launched after its premiere in Mexico, under its Topo Chico brand.

Coca-Cola shares closed up nearly 0.4% at $ 49.36 on Friday and traded down 0.45% in the subsequent session.

The result of the NEET 2020 exam will be announced today 16 oct. 2020

The results of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET 2020), which millions of students are eagerly awaiting, will be announced on Friday, October 16. The test is conducted by the National Testing Agency.

The results will be announced on NTA’s official website This information was given by Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal himself. He had tweeted that the National Testing Agency will announce the results of the UG 2020 on October 16. I wish the candidates well. ‘

The final result is expected on Friday, October 16 at 4 pm. The UG exam was held on September 13, 2020. However, for those students who could not appear for the exam on September 13, 2020 due to Kovid-19 infection or being in the containment zone, the exam was again held on Wednesday, October 14. About 15 lakh 97 thousand students had registered for this exam. About 85% of the students had appeared for the exam.

General steps to follow :

Students should follow the following steps to see the result of 2020 exam properly.

  1. First go to NTA’s official website
  2. Then click on the results link.
  3. Now submit the application number, date of birth and security PIN.
  4. 2020 results will appear on your screen.
  5. Results can now be downloaded.
  6. A printout can also be removed for future reference.

The results of the NEET 2020 exam will be announced today 16 oct. 2020 | video

Video by : TAIYARI HUB