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Are you looking for All in one restaurants? You might be coming through various hotels and these kind of restaurants to visit. Sometimes you are eager to know the things or the menu of that particular restaurant before visiting it to ensure and satisfy your variety you need to eat. If you face this kind of thing then, you have scrawled down to the best article. In this article, we have shown you whole of the cheddar’s menu along with the prices. 

You must have been eager to know its initial existence. cheddar’s lunch menu

The Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen menu prices updated 2020

The restaurant is famous for its All-American menu. And most of their stores have a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for most families. Their welcoming and friendly staff makes your dining experience enjoyable.

Cheddar’s Menu prices

The Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen includes various categories of food. It is a restaurant where one can visit along with its family, kids, alone or as per its choice. So here below mentioned is the menu of The Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen with its pricing that you all need to know .

Family bundles

Menu Prices
Chicken tender bundle $24.99
House-smoked baby back Ribs bundle $44.99
Grilled salmon* bundle $34.99
Salmon* & Tenders bundle $32.99
Baby back Ribs & Tenders bundle $36.99
Family house salad $5.99
Gallon iced tea $5.29
Gallon Lemonade $5.29


Menu  Prices 
Chips and Homemade Queso $5.79
Honey butter Croissants $1.99
Cheddar’s Trio sampler $10.99
Cheddar’s cheese fries $8.79
Santa Fe Spinach Dip $6.79


Menu  Prices 
No. 8 special chicken tender platter $10.79
Country fried chicken $10.99
Homemade chicken pot pie $9.99
Chicken Alfredo $11.49
Lemon pepper chicken $11.29


Menu  Prices 
6 oz. Top sirloin steak* $10.99
8 oz. Top sirloin steak* $12.99
14 oz. Top Ribeye steak* $18.99

House smoked Baby back Ribs

Menu  Prices
Half Rack Baby back Ribs  $12.49
Full Rack Baby back Ribs  $17.49


Menu  Prices 
Grilled Salmon* $11.99
Grilled white fish  $11.79
Cornmeal white fish  $11.79


Menu  Prices 
Half Rack of Ribs and chicken tenders $15.99
Top Sirloin steak* and ribs  $16.79
Top Sirloin steak* and chicken tenders  $14.99

Scratch burgers

Menu  Prices 
The original* $7.99
Smokehouse burger* $8.79
Bacon cheeseburger  $9.49


Menu  Prices
Buffalo chicken wrapper $10.49
Monte cristo  $9.99
BBQ Bacon chicken sandwich  $9.49

Comfort food

Menu  Prices 
New orleans pasta  $12.99
Vegetable plate $8.79
Homemade chicken pot pie  $9.99
Country fried chicken  $10.99
Country fried steak  $10.99

Made from scratch sides

Menu  Prices 
Side house salad  $3.49
Side Caesar salad $3.49
Broccoli cheese Casserole  $2.49
IDAHO Mashed Potatoes  $2.49
Cheese & Bacon mashed Potatoes  $3.78
Loaded baked potatoes  $2.49
Loaded baked potatoes w/ Bacon $3.48
French fries  $2.49
Cheese and Bacon French fries  $3.78
Southern Green beans $2.49
Buttered off-The-COB corn  $2.49
Fresh steamed Broccoli  $2.49
Sweet Baby carrots $2.49
Seasoned rice  $2.49
Freshly made Coleslaw  $2.49
Red beans and rice  $2.49


Menu  Prices 
Chicken tenders $4.99
Junior burgers  $4.99
Grilled chicken  $4.99
Grilled cheese $4.99

Gluten sensitive

Menu  Prices 
Grilled chicken pecan salad  $10.99
Lemon pepper salad  $11.29
Bacon cheeseburger  $9.49
Smokehouse burger $8.79
The original* $7.99
6 oz. Top sirloin steak* $10.99
8 oz. Top sirloin steak* $12.99
14 oz. RIBEYE* $118.99
Top sirloin steak* and ribs  $16.79
Grilled salon* $13.49
Grilled white fish  $11.49
IDAHO Mashed potatoes  $2.49
Southern green beans $2.49
Buttered Off-The-COB corn $2.49
sweet baby carrots  $2.49
Baby back RIBS  $12.49


Menu  Prices 
Classic cheesecake  $4.99
Cheddar’s legendary Monster Cookie  $6.29

Tea, Lemonades and Soft Drinks

Menu Prices
Hand crafted lemonades  $2.59
Fresh brewed iced teas $2.59
Soft drinks $2.59
Gallon lemonade  $5.29
Gallon iced tea   $5.29

Alcohols and beverages

Menu  Prices 
Texas Margarita  $4.79
Grande Top Shelf Margarita  $7.99
Maui Margarita  $5.79
Strawberry Texas Frozen Swirl  $4.99
Sangria Texas Frozen swirl $4.99
Cheddar’s painkiller  $6.99
Cheddar’s long island iced tea $4.79
Texas sweet tea   $4.79

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Address : 15030 W McDowell Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85395, United States

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